Chekhov's Gun

from Small Town Mysteries by notforme!



Now picture cold nights
So far from home and I
Was broke and hungry
In this town of towering lies
And I wonder why
She came close
So close to crack the shell
A friendly smile
It took me ages, countless miles
Until I realised

This girl was a Chekhov's gun
Loaded and waiting for her time
In the final act of the boring play
But the moment never came and
All the actors left the stage
Now she's wondering what went wrong and when
I can relate

My friend,
There's no need to pretend
I was a gutless fool and I was so unfair
But I'd never dare
To ask to hold her hand
While I was out there down and drinking
Someone smarter combed her hair
Well, I was unaware

We both were the Chekhov's guns
Loaded and waiting for our time
In the final act of the boring play
And we'll carry our pawnshop hearts
Suppressing memories 'til they stop
Or atleast until we meet again
If we ever meet again

We laughed in the hallways
We drank after midnight
And once I recall waking up in her bed
But it never got past
All those innocent stories
We both had our vows and we both knew back then
That the seasons were changing
And tempers were boiling
Since I came in town I was destined to leave
True. But I still remember
Those days they were golden
And traces of powder
Will always remain underneath


from Small Town Mysteries, released November 10, 2017




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