from Magical Inertia by Deadlines



Chasing every corner

there´s an answer I hope

looking through my window

there´s no people I know

everybody is leaving

as I´m locking the door

Taking my illusions

as a coat for a walk

passing every season

with this silence I love

everyone´s believing

I´m not hearing their (calls)…

go go go

go go go!

Chasing broken moments

only buzz in my thoughts

coming to the city

stimulating my blood

everybody is talking

I´m so stuck in my world

I spin around

I think I run in circles

that I don´t make progress at all

I think so fast

my body is moving slowly

things are working in my own (way)…

…´til the minute before

Chasing every corner

only dirt in the walls

reading at the papers

not the place for my role

everybody´s calling

hear the knock on my(door)…

go go go

go go go!


time has come to advise me

time´s the biggest challenge

accomplish my target

time has come to advise me

in this world of madness

I will be in time, yeah!


from Magical Inertia, released April 7, 2015




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