Different Sides Now

from We Were Coalmine Canaries by notforme!



Oh, how I wish I could stay
But I never tried to actually ask
Now I'm out of time
And memories are such a drag
I'm gonna burn those diaries in a stove now
'cuz in the end our souls
In the end our souls are departed

oh, how I wish I could keep
All ya brothers close
To stroll down these streets
Where I don't belong
Together with thee
But I haven't heared from you for weeks
And in the end our souls
in the end our souls are departed

Oh, please, won't someone come and rescue me
Violently awake me from the broken dream
I can't see.
There's not a lightswitch, not an open door
honestly, how could I ever ask for more
than this brotherhood?


from We Were Coalmine Canaries, released August 27, 2016




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