You girl wonder why am i with you ?
Am i constantly dumb or got nothing to do ?
Hey well so turn on the apparatus
I wanna talk to you now, show me pout
You often move you words and tell me how it works
Your hands are full of fun, you tell you're
21 and i can't find a track, you've burned
I don't care, i don't give a damn

she knows that im so right and useless
i'm rattle she told me,she doesn't believe it!

they always moan
my mind is oldfashioned
and the guys under sign sell a serious traps
and it makes no sence to be full and no sex,
and you cry under gap of mind
's not so damn loud, so don't worry, i'm already there so get up and hurry
Your name is bitch, a french kiss is a curse, i wanna see ya, "damned first"


from Tramps Are Handsome, We're The Jugglers, released November 22, 2013




Southern City‘s Lab Russia

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Since 2012 — 2020

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