Self depricating, reclusive,
Regrettably modest.
No ambition, stagnant thought,
Questionably Honest
Consistently inconsistent
I'll apologize for all the things I didn't do
Or is everything I've just said,
An embellished version of the truth

I don't want to be living
I don't want to be dead
I'll contradict myself
Until the bitter sweet end

This is the make up
Of my simply, complex brain.
Overworked, over thought
I'm certifiably insane
Consumed by hypocrisy
Surrounded by idiocy
For every indiosyncrasy
I'll tighten my lips even more

If Limbo were a real place
That's where I'd fit in best
A place where nothing else exists
No fucking family crest
So please
Assuage my fears, ease my mind
or just leave me here, stop caring
I want to be left behind


from Vol​​.​​II - Everything We Know is Wrong, released August 31, 2015




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Russian DIY and netlabel, exploring various forms of independent rock, electronic and avant-garde music

Since 2012 — 2020

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