The Man That Has No Face

from Il Silenzio Non Esiste by Ultramerda



Here I am to destroy myself
Consuming time to become the best
Here I am to lie again
Astonishing vision of my death
Believing in God only when I’m afraid
Here I am to delete yourself
Sealing our love in a box of tears
Now I am the man that sucks me

How I can disintegrate myself?
Behind your mirror I masturbate my head
How I can develop my thread,
If I chase fake roads instead?
Believing in heroes and their fucking acts
Here I am to remind myself
Crucifying your Jesus in a failed bank
Now we have the prison of ourselves

Believing in God only when we’re afraid
You don’t know that we are dead


from Il Silenzio Non Esiste, released April 8, 2018




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