The Shadow In The Lighthouse

from We Were Coalmine Canaries by notforme!



The storm came out of nowhere
Crushing boats at the bay
And I was a yellow raincoat
On the darkest of days.

High above the weeping church bell
And the 30 feet waves
There was a shadow in the lighthouse
And she looked down on me

And I swear I could hear that maniacal laughter
The lightning, the torn wedding gown
"Ain't that wrong? Look what we've done!"

The death toll counted thirteen
Said the man on the news
And I found the lighthouse damaged
In my search for the clues

On that cold November morning
And I knew I should move
So I left that cursed harbour
Headdin' North to start anew

But I still can't forget her maniacal laughter
The lightning, the torn wedding gown
"Ain't that fun? Nobody won!"


from We Were Coalmine Canaries, released August 27, 2016




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