These Words Are Now Colours

from We Were Coalmine Canaries by notforme!



And the ceiling was black
As black as the coldest hearts
Until she came in
With a ladder and a chalk
And drew ten thousand dots
As I lay in bed
With a terrible cold
And this world
With the door and the window was born

Then she turned on the lights
And painted the ceiling blue
With a few stormy clouds
In the corner to keep me aware
Of the possible rain
But I wasn't afraid

Oh, she dipped the brush in red
And painted over the entire sky
Was it sun rise or dusk?
I wasn't sure
But I kept looking up
As she painted the birds
Like those days at the shore
And I passed out
But when I awoke the curtains were open.
It was the dawn.


from We Were Coalmine Canaries, released August 27, 2016




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