I'll just sleep away my troubles
I'm never coming back
I'm in unconscious bliss
off the beaten path
When I'm alone I'm on top of the world
The light is up
and it's up for me

My thoughts are consumed
by my own self defeat
so concerned with money
so full of conceit
So self involved
so self obsessed
when there's so much more that need's to be addressed.

Why can't I express
why I'm so depressed
My mind's gone numb
I have no where to run
Where's my motivation
where is my drive
I'm all done here I won't even try

There has to be more to a human being than this.
There has to be more than being a human, remiss.
I've found no answers, I'm too full of doubt.
But at least I have something to complain about


from Vol​​.​​II - Everything We Know is Wrong, released August 31, 2015




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